Are the classes safe?

In a nutshell, very. Regular classes are non-contact so training is done on special martial arts equipment, not people, as most of our members attend classes to increase fitness and muscle tone whilst having fun learning an effective martial art.

How fit do I have to be?

All of our training is structured and we treat all our new students as 'unfit' unless they tell us otherwise! We allow you to train at your own pace and encourage you to reach your desired fitness level. We know you will make rapid progress once training in a  structured class regardless of your physique, ability, fitness level or experience.

Will I feel out of place to begin with?

It is natural for anyone taking up a new sport to feel slightly nervous and our Instruction Team are experienced in recognising this and will do their best to put you at ease straight away. Don't worry as all classes have a friendly atmosphere and other beginners join regularly all year round, meaning there will always be someone at your stage for you to enjoy training with.

Do I have to take part in sparring or competitions?

No! Very few students actually want to enter competitions and tournaments. If they do, obviously we can accommodate them and have special training sessions tailored to meet the needs of students who enjoy sparring and competition work. Regular classes are for fitness, kickboxing technique and enjoyment.

Can I bring a friend/family?

Absolutely! Although many beginners join by themselves you are welcome to bring along a friend or family member to train with.

How quickly will I progress?

We provide high quality instruction through a structured syllabus taking you from your first grade of Red Belt through to Black Belt 1st Degree and beyond, and if it is combined with your commitment to regular training, you will make fast progress. It is not uncommon for our kickboxing students, with regular training and commitment, to be ready to take their Black Belt 1st Degree in 3 years.

Are the Instructors qualified?

All of our Level Two qualified Instructors undertake rigorous training to ensure that they meet our very high standards. As well as being Black Belts in kickboxing, they are friendly, professional and helpful. In addition to their own special Instructors Indemnity Insurance they are also Enhanced DBS Checked for their suitability for working with children and are First Aid Trained.