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Pro Martial Arts Schools - King's Lynn | Reffley Academy |  Reffley Lane |  King's Lynn |  Norfolk |  PE30 3SF

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Pro Martial Arts Schools - King's Lynn | Reffley Academy |  Reffley Lane |  King's Lynn |  Norfolk |  PE30 3SF

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Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Wednesday18:1519:15Children 7 - 12KickboxingKing's Lynn Juniors (7-12 years old)
Wednesday19:3020:30Adults 13+King's Lynn Adults Class (13+ years old)

King's Lynn 
Kickboxing Classes

Fun, safe, and exciting kickboxing lessons for all ages and abilities in King's Lynn. An inclusive, diverse, and welcoming club for everyone. PMAS King’s Lynn focuses on letting the students choose their own path and have their own motives for training. Students come for the social aspect, for fitness, or for the achievement of working their way through the belt system. Come along for a FREE taster session to see if our club is right for you!

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"I have been kickboxing for 3 years and I enjoy going to class every week. I am now a Black Belt and a Junior Leader all because of my instructors helping and pushing me to get better every lesson. I have made loads of new friends and really improved my defensive techniques. My Instructor Rosie is a great teacher and I love helping out on the coaching team now."

Stephen (12yrs)

"I started Kickboxing in February 2016 when I was 8 years old; I used to watch my brother and thought I wanted a go. I am now a brown belt training for my black belt which I hope to grade for in March next year. Kickboxing has been great, so far I have learnt to always use defensive techniques to protect myself and to only fight back if absolutely necessary. When I’m kickboxing I feel exhilarated and like all my cares are gone; when I’m focused on a routine it’s the only thing I’m thinking about because once you get it right it feels so good. That’s why I do kickboxing, that feeling makes you feel good about yourself."

Finnley (11yrs)

"Finnley has been kickboxing for almost 4 years. There is a really great community within the group and the coaching team are fantastic. Finnley is working towards his Black Belt and also wants to become a part of the junior coaching team. Kickboxing is not only great for physical fitness and agility but it has given Finnley more confidence and he is very proud of what he has achieved."


"My son Stephen joined this King's Lynn kickboxing club in 2016, he is now a Black Belt and a Junior Leader. Stephen enjoys going every week and never wants to miss a week. The coaches go above and beyond for all the children, pushing them and making them believe they can achieve if they just practice. Since my son Stephen has joined, my partner and my younger two children have joined too. My son Thomas lacks in confidence and I didn't think he would ever cope with going to kickboxing, but every week he can't wait to get there and I believe that has made him grow in confidence. I would recommend this kickboxing club to anyone; it's like my extended family. We love you Rosie and everything you do for our children."


"My son started Kickboxing approximately 2 and a half years ago and is now a Black Belt. Having tried various clubs we stumbled across Kickboxing. The classes are fun and easy to follow and the instructors and coaches are always there with advice and support. My son has gone from being a child with low self esteem and confidence to someone who will now join in and ask questions. We both love attending the classes and have made many new friends."


"I have been kickboxing for over two years and it has been the best journey of my life. it has helped me gain confidence and lead to lots of opportunities. I now want to become a junior instructor and help the younger members of the club who are starting out just like I did."

Oscar (11yrs)

"Kickboxing has given me something to be proud of, it's given me a strength: both physically and mentally, and it's given me friends who have become family. I started kickboxing in January 2017, no not as a "new year new me", but as an "I need to do something for myself" (I was currently a newly qualified teacher and that took over my life). Now 3 years later I have worked hard and am now extremely proud to say I am a black belt. I have a chronic illness (cystic fibrosis) and I love knowing that doing kickboxing means I'm kicking it's butt, one jab cross at a time! #thisgirlcan"


"First time trying out kickboxing and it was so much fun! No pressure, super friendly and welcoming environment, made me feel able to get stuck in and learn and improve my fitness!"


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